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Anniversary -- 50 Years


Dimensions (not including string length):
3" wide x 4" tall
7 cm x 10 cm

2 oz
For reference, one 9 volt battery weighs approximately 2 oz.


• Ornaments are personalized by hand using permanent black ink.

• Each ornament is personalized by hand, so the handwriting may be slightly different than the example shown above.

• Orders received with no notes at all or incomplete/confusing instructions may be delayed until I verify personalization preferences with you. If I cannot reach you before the ship-by date the item will be sent either without personalization (in the case of no notes) or I will personalize them with my best guess based on what was written.

•PLEASE NOTE--Neither the color nor the design of the ornament can be changed. You should expect that your ornament will appear exactly as it is pictured here, with the exception of your request for hand-written personalization.